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Garage Remotes and Accessories

Automated garage doors, which are now the norm, are more convenient than the older style of manual rolling garage doors. Automatic garage doors come with garage door remotes, giving us the luxury of opening the door with the click of a button – without leaving the comfort of your car! Express Doors supplies a wide range of garage door remotes for different doors and can offer installation services and repairs on garage door remotes to ensure they continue working properly.


Due to garage door remote controls being used often, the buttons can become damaged or unresponsive. Express Doors, servicing the Sydney area, specialises in repairing or replacing damaged garage door remotes at affordable prices to guarantee clients and customers can continue to access their garages quickly. Sometimes garage door remotes need a simple battery change, which Express Doors can also help with. Garage door remotes are fiddly to work with and can be damaged if opened incorrectly, which is why it is easier and smarter to ask a professional to change the battery.


Contact Express Doors today to inquire about our range of garage door remotes or to discuss repairs for your damaged garage door remote. We are the leading provider of garage doors and remotes in the Sydney area and pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation in the Sydney area.


We carry a full range of garage door remotes, door sealspark alert systems and more. If you don't see it here, just ask!