Description: No greasing is required for Roll-A-Door Series 2. These industrial Roller Doors are manufactured with self-lubricating materials or greased at the factory.
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Roll-A-Door Series 2 Traditional

  • 1 year warranty - roll-a-door series-2 traditional
  • security options - roll-a-door series-2 traditional
  • wide range of colours - roll-a-door series-2 traditional
  • 20,000 Spring lifecycle - roll-a-door series-2 traditional
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation
  • Precision Springing
  • Consistent Balance
  • Bottom Weatherseal
  • Wide range of colours
  • Economical


Curtain Qualities 
  • Continuous brake pressed steel curtain
  • Manufactured from 0.5mm gauge, flexible steel curtain, pressed to a horizontal ribbed profile, sliding between vertical guides
  • Deep rigid channel grooves
  • Aluminium bottom rail with weatherstrip
  • Sizes up to 5100mm high x 5100mm wide or up to 3300mm high and 5500mm wide for non-windlocked configurations
  • Prevents penetration of moisture and dust, thereby minimising the chance of corrosion
  • Strong, while providing an attractive appearance
  • Added protection against dirt, leaves and weather
Smooth, Quiet & Easy Operation 
  • Nylofelt® is used to minimise friction at the working surface.
  • Continuous smooth, quiet operation is an ongoing benefit of this product, without so much as a touch of lubricant.
Secure Locking 
  • Waist high slide bolt locking is located internally and supplied on the left hand side as standard 
  • Waist high internal slide bolt located on right hand side or both sides
  • No bending required to unlock doors
  • Ensured security
  • Optional centre lift lock with external key and internal knob operation, or internal and/or external bottom rail slide bolt locking
Easy Opening 
The gearing assembly is mounted inside the door roll to minimise side clearance requirements and with its no maintenance, low friction characteristics, provides low operating effort to open and close very large doors. 

Features include:
  • Doors up to 2400mm high can be operated by hand without the need of chain wheel equipment
  • Doors between 2400mm and 3000mm use efficient direct chain drive
  • Doors over 3000mm high use efficient, compact, planetary reduction gearing
  • Quiet and durable nylon gearing
  • Ease of single handed operation
  • Gearing components require no lubrication due to materials used in manufacturing
  • Balanced loading and withstands very high overload forces without ill effects
  • B&D Series 2 Light Industrial Roll-A-Doors are available in an extensive range of standard Colorbond® colours including special Zincalume® coated finishes.
  • Zincalume® coated finish can be polyurethaned on site for even wider colour selection.
  • No greasing of the door guides is required, and the axle, hubs and all other working components have either been manufactured with self-lubricating materials or greased at the factory.
  • To reduce operational and replacement costs, curtains are easily repaired

Mullions for Multiple Doors 
Where a choice of partial or total access to the building is required, a combination of mullions and multiple Roll-A-Door® Series 2 – Light Industrial rolling doors is  recommended, rather than one wide door. Motorisation is not recommended with mullions. 

Features include:
  • Mullions can be simply disengaged to provide unrestricted full width access
  • Mullions for smaller doors lift out by hand
  • Individual low effort operation
  • Privacy and weather protection of a small opening
Wicket Gates 
Wicket gates provide quick and easy access in or out of the premises, without the need to raise the door. 

Features include: 
  • Opening size is 1780mm high x 600mm wide.
  • This gate is specified when inward opening is required
  • Fitted with external key operated night latch lock
  • When the door is in the open position the cranked bottom rail hangs 65mm below the lintel
Ventilated Curtains 
  • Where ventilation is required the doors may be perforated to allow light penetration or up to 10% airflow. This offeres you all the security you may need plus airflow.
High Wind Areas 
  • In any area that could be affected by high wind or extreme weather conditions, B&D recommend the fitting of Windlock Guide Systems.